Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wintour vs. Roitfeld

Going Up

Being Right

Remember? MASKS.

Wire frames
"I was thinking of getting some wire frames cuz they're just so fucking ugly and if I see another pair of oversized plastics I might just poke my eyes out. Then I really wouldn't need glasses."


Having bronchitis ensures I don't drunkenly make out with the wrong guy at some party. Telling everyone I'm sick is kinda like having my personal chaperone. It comes in handy when those Facebook pics get posted.

Surrealist clothing
Think Rosalind Russell in George Cukor's 1938 film The Women. Where do you think Jeremy Scott got the idea to put eyeballs on sweaters?

Classical music recitals

BFF Anastasia had her very own classical piano recital a few weeks ago. Honestly, with all the nu rave electro shit STILL happening (c'mon, we live in Toronto) hearing music that can withstand centuries will be most refreshing. Go Beethoven!

Michelle Williams
If Boy Band of Outsiders approves, I do too. Thanks to BFF Millie for the tip.

Going Down

Vogue cover
I just realized that the reason September Vogue weighs 7lbs is to discourage people from carrying it around in public. If I had been responsible for giving Keira Knightly workout-gym hair AND wrapping her in a Greek flag, I wouldn't want anyone to see it either. See what Glossed Over has to say about the issue (PS I LOVE GLOSSED OVER.)

Egos + Disillusionment = Bad Combination
"I'm a perfect being in a perfect world" says Marc Jacobs on why he has the word "perfect" tattooed on his wrist.

(DJ Set)s
As in "The Rapture! (DJ Set)" and "Sally Shapiro! (DJ Set)" and "Justice! (DJ Set - oh shit that's actually how they perform live)". Do people actually pay money for this?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lauren Conrad v. Spencer Pratt

Going Up
BFF Jennilee's amazing blog. I can't believe I didn't know about it earlier, actually. While it takes me a year to post ten sentences, Jennilee has been quietly building the most beautiful collection of photographs. God, I'm such a pussy.

White swimming trunks
If I was a gay dude, I probably would've gotten my first boner watching the opening scene of Chariots of Fire. Or was it St. Elmo's Fire? Whatever, the one with the dudes in white shorts running on the beach.


Bruises are like the 80-20 rule, where 20 percent pain will get you 80 percent badass-ness.

Going Down

The Skullset for Urban Oufitters
I'm just upset that I have to share The Skullset photoblog
with the largest manufacturer of "ethnic" scarves.

Trimming your bangs
A major benefit of not trimming one's bangs is that it makes portraits like this a helluva lot easier when you don't have draw pesky things like eyes n' shit.

Decorative belts
When was the last time you wore a belt to actually hold up your jeans? Mantra for Fall '08 is function over form.

Steampunk watch

See above re: function over form. A watch tells time. TIME. This is information you can get for FREE by having one eye open.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey. What's up?

I've decided to resurrect YNBF because there aren't enough useless blogs out there. But seriously, now that our readership is non-existent, I can write whatever the fuck I want. This list is gonna get personal, watch out. With love, Em

Going Up

Do you have a giant zit on your face? Or maybe you're just ugly? Why not rock a mask? Just cut a picture of a cat's head and tie it to your head. You can claim you're being all "ironic" and shit. You'll have the hipsters eating from your um, paw.
(yeah, I still fuckin read Cory's blog)
Getting fired
If BFF, Millie, hadn't gotten fired 4 times in the past year, she'd still be suckin' a gay man's ding dong at Urban Outfitters. Now she's working at an architecture firm probably designing some contraption that'll incinerate those three-seasons-too-late fake leather Free People ballet flats.


Think Andrew W. K. circa when Vice Magazine had street cred. PS Blood stains are the perfect accent accessory for this summer look.

Rooftop parties

Who the fuck has a back garden these days?

The Grand Panic
The math is easy:
My Bloody Valentine + NIN + Depeche Mode. Uh huh.
check their

Going Down

"Have you seen Batman yet?"
Fucking stop asking me.

Facebook Events
You realize of course that all the really cool peeps don't have time to check Facebook, right?

Otherwise known as MSTRKRFT trying to prolong working on they're own crappy original music because they've run out of ideas.