Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Issue 6 - Totally Excellent v. Bogus

Totally Excellent

Homemade Greeting Cards
Automatically reserve a special place on the mantle/bulletin board/cubical wall of our hearts.

Celebrity Soundbites
"I have no human feelings" – Karl Lagerfeld
"I've been asked to go back and, like, change my clothes. And brush my hair...And that's not happening. Because that's just not how I roll." - Cory Kennedy

The Teenagers' Homecoming song
"I fucked an American cunt"
more The Teenagers

Going-for-Broke Theme Parties
We are very impressed by reader Lois' Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party. Those pics of OTT cakes, cookies, costumes, and decorations make us wish we had thought of it first. Well played!
to see more pics

Steam Bath Houses
Our friend Jasmine goes to Hastings Steam & Sauna in Vancouver, while our friend Heidi goes to the Russian & Turkish on E 10th St. in NYC. Make like LL.Cool.J and Uma and let it all out, baby!!!
more on steam baths

Weekly Games Night
All the coolest people we know get together once a week to play Scrabble/Trivial Pursuit/Poker. You should do it too.

Glenis' MySpace profile
Check it out!
to Glenis

Tokyo Police Club
The fact that these guys are from Newmarket and aren't even legal yet makes their music even more unbelievably excellent.
more TPC

Expired ID
Is a good thing when you hate the picture. The 120 months until the dreaded driver's license with us looking morbidly obese is almost up. Only 6 months to go!

Bi-racial Children
Because they'll never have to dye their hair fuchsia in order to look interesting.


Getting Old
Waking up feeling like you've taken five hits of E when you've only had five beers.

Like smoking crack: addictive, unsocial, and only weirdos do it.

cK One re-launch
Welcome back to 1994. Kate Moss is still hot and the perfume still smells like garbage.

Daft Punk's Around the World
Just cuz nu rave is all the rage doesn't mean DJs get license to dig up crap they haven't pawned yet. In the past six months, we've actually heard this song played eight times at clubs/bars in THREE different cities.

Gap's "Khakis with Attitude" campaign
The only attitude that khakis have is the "I'm fucking minging" attitude.

The Row
Nine months of Olsen twin toil and we have a $600 wife-beater.


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