Thursday, March 22, 2007

Issue 7 - Block Party v. Crackhouse

Summer Block Party
AKA Going Up

Balls-out Color Combos
Acid yellow + cobalt blue = Spring '07

Public Libraries
A quiet, clean space to read, think and have a mental break. A rehab centre for non-celebrities if you will. The last time we were at the Seattle Public Library the homeless people were all over it. Homeless people always know what's up way ahead of the curve, predominantly because they don't subscribe to pesky social norms.

Having an opinion
We invite you to call us on our shit.
For instance, last week our BFF Hannah pointed out that quoting Cory Kennedy was SO two summers ago. Hannah actually lives in L.A. and we don't so we're going to defer to her on this one. Respect!

Thinking for yourself
We invite you to question things a bit further. Do you really like your Ugg boots or are you wearing them because Jessica Simpson told you to? A near fatal overdose of prescribed cool last weekend at Urban Outfitters pushed these thoughts to the forefront.

Ooga Booga
The store. It's in LA's china town. If you're in the City of Angeles, we suggest checking it out. When we were there last summer, they had an illustrated 'zine of Ludacris lyrics and were throwing parties on the third level of their outdoor strip mall location. Killer! Hannah can you vouch for us on this one?
more on Ooga Booga

Karen Walker
New Zealand designer. And no you can't get it in Canada. Check out her causal, practical hotness. How we would want to dress if we could access her designs. We'll be trying to put together some convincing renditions starting now.
more on Karen Walker

Reusable bags
Specifically the "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" canvas carrier bag by Anya Hindmarch at a cost of 5 pounds. This tote is already being sold on eBay for eighty times its retail price. 4,000 units are on sale at Anya Hindmarch's retail locations while 20,000 units will retail at Sainsbury supermarket with a limit of one per customer. Finally, caring about the environment looks cool.
the bag in question

We Are What We Do
Genius webs site that makes caring about your surroundings tangible and simple. Check out the Action Tracker that lists specific tasks you can complete and log to improve your environment. For instance, "Action 45" dares you to give your phone number to 5 of your neighbors and instruct them to contact you incase of emergency.

Keep shoes
Hot vegan shoes. Yes, we just said hot vegan shoes. We know you just got a mental picture of hippies and granolas wearing burlap slippers, but we kid you not this stuff is rad. Check out their lifestyle-driven web site. We're beginning to think we might actually be able to pull of this environmentally friendly thing and look good while doing…
more on Keep Shoes

Bonde Do Role
The would-be result of CSS and MIA humping.
more BDR

Raiding your parents' basement/attic
A treasure trove of Portobello Market-worthy finds all for free.

OTC Drugs
Similar to street drugs minus the shady dealer, crack pipe, and dodgy filler. These rather classy looking pills can even be taken while having dinner with unsuspecting co-workers. We're currently feeling Oxy Cotton. Atvian is a close second.

Neighbourhood Crackhouse
AKA Going Down

Our going down list is a bit weak this time round, it's hard to hate with Spring around the corner. Plus shit's just working out. Emmy got accepted into grad school for architecture(yay!) and Missy quit her 9-5 (which -trust us - is a good thing).

La Prairie Pure Gold Cellular Radiance
This face creme costs over $500 because it contains 24k gold. As David Cross would say "It's a giant FUCK YOU to poor people".

The Sunday Times advocating the Croyden face-lift
To break it down for our N. American readers, the Croyden face-lift is a moniker for the chav steeze of pulling one's hair back in a face tightening ponytail. We're confused as to why this is an issue now as this look has been holding it down in the barrios for an eternity.
the Times article

The age. To quote our dear friend Glenis: "I gotta go. I need to do something with my life. I'm hurtling towards 30. And so are you". If you're not currently hurtling towards 30, we urge you to take the afternoon off, lie in the grass, and thank God that you're still not expected to have your shit together just yet.

Never believing the hype
Avoiding something because it's too hyped is just as bad as blindly buying into hype. See above re: having an opinion.

Your ecological footprint
Sell the Hummer and walk.
Assess your footprint

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