Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Issue 10 - Pootie Tang Issue

Sa Da Tay
AKA Going Up

Rose McGowan
To everyone who's giving Grindhouse a rough time we say: fuck off. Rose McGowan's go-go dance during the first five minutes justifies the remaining 3.5 hours. We're not even gay and we got a boner


Having a potty mouth
Now that smoking bans are on the rise, how else can one prove their coolness? We strongly condone swearing. The words 'fuck' and 'shit' up the ante in any otherwise mundane sentence. Take the yeahs and whats of the world and transform them into "fuck yeah" and "what the fuck". Way fucking better.

Banana pumps
Sick of spending summers in Haviana flip-flops or ballet flats? This year a new contender with a catchy name is up to bat: the banana pump. Like an elasticized ballet flat, these babies are flexible enough to compact into a purse. Comes in handy when your platform sandals cripple your feet.

These ones are from Topshop.

Streetstyle blogs
Specifically the Facehunter who has the most thorough documentation this side of Walker Evans. We are completely addicted to his blog. Bonus: it conveniently links up with all other noteworthy streetstyle sites around the world.
go to the Facehunter

Culte du Cargo
Missy and her friend Alfa worked together at a company that will remain nameless. The goal was to sell shitty made-in-China clothes to suburban teenagers for the lowest price possible. Thankfully Alfa doesn't work there anymore and neither do she. Alfa is now free to pursue his musical endeavors like his band, Culte du Cargo.
Check them out

How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time
Here at YNBF, we agree that Sassy just might've be the raddest teen magazine ever. Its witty and irreverent tone was that of an all-knowing older sister. While Seventeen magazine had airhead cover models dolled up in stupid Revlon makeup, teased hair and bushy eyebrows, Sassy inspired you to pluck your eyebrows in a straight line, steal your dad's flannel shirt, wear it with some Dr. Martins and top it off with a DIY haircut. Reading it made you feel like you were in on the secret, part of the clique. Finally, Sassy gets the recognition it deserves in book format.

Being allowed to drive
Em finally got her driver's license this week. Thanks to the Canadian graduated licensing program, it took her three tests and five years to achieve something most middle Americans can do in 90 days.

Wa Da Tah
AKA Going Down

"Rave music"
Wow, when we raved back in the early 90's, no one and we mean no one called the music that got played "rave music". Raves weren't even called "raves", they were parties, and the music was either d n' b or trance or house or whatevs, but it certainly wasn't RAVE music. Recently, L.A.'s most reputable indie station, 103.1, busted out what the DJ termed a "rave set". Easy now,

Self-imposed deadlines
Ever wonder why YNBF doesn't have a regular publish date? We welcome you to peak in on a typical e-mail exchange between us:

Em: Um, I haven't done my half of the blog yet, I got distracted in Value Village.

Missy: I'm not done either, my granny came over for dinner and we played cards.

E: Can I e-mail it to you tomorrow? I'm going to the gym, but maybe I can do it when I get back.

M: Okay, but I'm going to have dinner at Michelle's so I won't be able to look at it until the day after.

[Three days later…]

M: AHHH. I'm finally done posting the blog. It's 4am. That only took me 5 hrs. I think I could have shaved off about 2 hrs if I had a proper computer with the correct programs ie: Photoshop. This is fucking ridiculous. I am going to buy a new computer this week. I cannot go on living like this anymore. I'm so frustrated. Okay, anyway, the site looks alright I think.

Right-wing Americans
Not that they were ever going up, but after spending a couple of weeks in California, Missy gained some insight into right-wing American sentiment, mainly through bumper stickers. They support the war in Iraq and they are afraid of gay marriage.

So friendly and inclusive, right?

Directly responsible for sucking up all our time and energy. See above re: self-imposed deadlines.


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