Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Issue 8 - In Living Color Issue

This week's blog is an ode to one of the best TV shows ever – In Living Color, specifically the Men on Film skit. For all those kids born post 1986, In Living Color was the show everyone waited to watch every week to see pre-fame J Lo as a back-up dancer and Jim Carrey when he was actually funny.
P.S. How appropriate that bright colors are very in right now too!
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Two snaps, a twist, and a kiss
AKA Going Up

Dry shampoo
Why we don't have aerosol dry shampoo in North America is beyond us. The Europeans figured this one out ages ago. Spray a little in your hair and you're ready to roll. Bumble & Bumble makes a dry shampoo but who wants to shell out $25 for that shit when you can rock up to Boots in the UK and grab a can for 2 quid. We've tried the Batiste brand amongst others. The packaging is slightly wack but it works fabulously. Importing this stuff is our latest billion-dollar business idea. Someone run with it.
more on Batiste shampoo

Buns n' bangs
When dry shampoo isn't cutting it.

Neon lipstick
Why should makeup look natural? This girl is straight ballin'. Her teddy bear vest ain't too shabby either. We borrowed this picture off the Cobrasnake. We think he'd be fine with it. We're supporting the cause.

Source: thecobrasnake.com

Another YNBF bon mot
Props to our BBF Michelle for this one. This week's phrase is "secret squirrel", which pertains to information hoarding. Example: "Why are you being so secret squirrel about where you bought your shoes?"

Pleated short shorts
The classy alternative to hot pants. Wear with opaque tights until it gets warm enough to go bare legs.

Source: lasfashionistas.blogspot.com

Grizzly man beards
What's hotter than a dude in full beard? It's a bold-faced disregard for hygiene and the concern of looking young and fresh faced. Surprisingly, US Weekly did a blurb a few weeks ago on how actors were showing up to Sundance with full beards. Apparently someone knows what's up over there. Gotta give cred when due.

Source: thrillist.com

Having a sister
Last week Em's big sister Viv waited outside the Anya Hindmarch store for 1.5 hours just to buy Em the highly coveted "I'm not a plastic bag". Viv, you rule!
more on Anya Hindmarch
more on Em's sister Viv

Big yellow t-shirts
Of the XL mens' variety and worn as a mini dress. Throw this on for a night out and distinguish yourself from the frilly halter top/skinny jean masses.

Em found this t-shirt at Value Village for 5 bucks

Love this look. Not sure what could say delusional 50s film star more succinctly. Also note that she is rockin' the balls-out color combo we mentioned last week: acid yellow + cobalt blue.

Source: thecobrasnake.com

White jazz shoes
BFF Michelle is planning to unscrew the tap plates off authentic white jazz shoes for everyday wear. If that isn't hardcore Spring/Summer '07 devotion, we don't know what is.

Please get these shoes Michelle!

Hated it!
AKA Going Down

Offensive perfume
A main offender in this category is "Angel" by Thierry Mugler. We can positively ID this shit a mile away. While under the vice-like grip of this noxious potion, one smells like a mix of tropical flowers and dirty snatch. The main perpetrators of these odors are 60 yr old cougars. Please take a bath, the air is offended.

Being a secret squirrel
One of our biggest pet peeves are people who hoard info. Sitting on shit is getting you nowhere. You might think it's justified, but when you find the fountain of youth, it's going to be lonely all by yourself.

Living in Canada
A place without Topshop, Barney's, or even a bloody Macy's. Consumer needs are not being met. Our pathetic business professor Art Pierce would have agreed - what could be sadder? Plus it's still snowing here. To quote our friend Matt "Being in Vancouver is like being in jail", which might seem a harsh but when the population of a large city is the same as the number of Arcade Fire members, he's got a point.

Eau de Value Village
There's a special smell that comes free of charge when you buy vintage clothing. Unlike Abercrombie who saturate their crappy polos and sweat fleece in perfume, this stench is a more organic, much like a bouquet of piss, sweat and old farts. After a decade of shopping at Value Village charity shops, Em's been forced to leave her bedroom window open for an entire month every spring. Man, it's hard to shake.

Madonna for H&M

Lily Allen
There's this singer from the UK. She's pretty good. She even designed a line of dresses for New Look. We like her even more after we realized she has *TEXT REMOVED*. Those protruding eyes are a dead giveaway. (I hope this doesn't get us kicked off MySpace – Em)


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