Friday, June 22, 2007

Issue 13 Yippee-Ki-Yay Muthafucka

As some of you may know, Die Hard is one of my all-time favourite movies. From grade 5 to high school graduation, anytime I got sick and stayed at home, I would pop in my well-worn Die Hard cassette, huddle under a duvet with a glass of purple Kool-Aid, and be comforted by the soothing ratatat of AK-47s. The fourth Die Hard movie is out this week, but it looks real crap so let's have a barometer with the original 1988 line-up. - Em

John McClane
aka Going Up

This photo Missy took

Miss Lasko-Gross: Escape From "Special"

I haven't told Missy about this yet:

Mr. Furious and I were at a bookstore and saw this semi-autobiographical graphic novel about a troubled girl who’s always being told that she thinks too much. For those of you who know Missy, how uncanny is that? And don’t even get us started on the author’s name…

The Future Magazine
Ever since I used to read my big brother's, um, Big Brother magazines (the now defunct Larry Flint-published skate book, not some stupid mag about the reality TV show), I've had this mini-crush on Dave Carnie and his golden ratio of funny/repulsive/arse-y. So you can imagine how pleased I was when my brother told me about The Future Magazine, of which Mr. Carnie is editor-in-chief. Current features include a visit to Morrisey's house (under the pretense of buying the property.)

Props to Jennilee for this one. The only e-cards that actually make us laugh. Bookmark worthy. Check their website.

Hats with veils/netting
1. Ascot
2. Weddings
3. Disguises puffy hangover eyes at both of the above

Hans Gruber
aka Going Down

That's our word of the day for guy's cleavage, as seen at Armani's latest fashion show this week. Ugh, nearly as bad as guyliner. Unless you are a renegade NYC cop who's trying to save your wife from 40 terrorists in an LA skyscraper, you are not allowed to show gleavage.

Photo: Times UK

Fopp shuts shop
The saviour of last-minute birthday gifting, Fopp, announced this week that it's shutting shop. The independent British retailer of "simply priced" CDs, DVDs, and books will be sorely missed. Where are we supposed to meet up with our friends now?

SWAG let downs
Some of our friends who shall remain nameless flew all the way across the country to attend a VIP party for the opening of a new high-end department store similar to Saks/Selfridges and all they got in return was a PEN. We're not kidding.

Wearing flip flops in the city
Your feet look like dirty pig hooves.

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