Saturday, June 9, 2007

Issue 11 - Perez Hilton v. Paris Hilton

Issue 11 is a showdown between Perez Hilton , who is blowing up as the gossip queen of the world (Details calls him the fifth most influential man in the States) and Paris Hilton, who recently refused to eat her prison hot dog meal and considers lack of moisturizer a medical condition. Supposedly Perez and Paris are good friends but who doesn't secretly want to see a catfight between them?

Perez Hilton
aka Going UP

Hermoine Herring aka Louise
Our new BFF Louise is one of those people who is so on top of their game, they don't even realize it. While everyone's rocking the skinny coloured denims, Louise rocks up in pleated plisse engineering trousers like it ain't no thang. When we were in London, she deftly smuggled use into the Lily Allen for New Look launch party, complete with unlimited mojitos and live performance! How perfect considering we would never pay money, let alone be sober to see Lily (who admittedly was rather charming.)

Lily in the flesh.

Helevetica is the original quilted Chanel handbag of typefaces that got fucked over when the cheap, mass-produced Old Navy of a typeface, Arial, came along. Which is why we are looking forward to seeing Helvetica, a new documentary.

The Nordic Bakery
Lush, lush, lush cinnamon buns. Thank you to Swedish friends Sarah and Yoyo for the recommendation. The bakery's website (!) describes it perfectly "...uncompromising simplicity, craft, and use of natural materials or ingredients." Bonus, the bakery itself is beautifully designed, nach.

Straw visors

Unlike most fashion accessories these days, straw visors are actually useful. They block pesky sun rays, minimize the glare on a shiny face, and if paired with giant sunglasses you might get mistaken for a celebrity or an old Chinese lady -- surely either is a sign you've achieved the height of fashion.

Girl Talk quits his day job
"This is my last week of work. I never told my co-workers about my music life. It's hard to believe that they didn't find out about it by now, especially with coverage in newspapers that are delivered to their houses... "
read more from Girl Talk's blog about quitting his day job
listen to his music

Clip-on earrings

The natural successor to the now dead chandelier earrings. It's all about chunky, graphic, bejewelled shapes that would be otherwise too heavy for pierced earrings. Besides, clip-ons keep the lobes from stretching out - eeew.

Paris Hilton
aka Going Down

The maxi dress

We are baffled as to why this has been proclaimed the "it dress" of summer. Have you actually tried a maxi dress on? It makes fat people look pregnant, short people look like urchin midgets, and that much fabric on a tall person is just cruel. We'd rather wear a burlap sack. At least it won't get caught in the train door.

Lense-less eyewear

What are you, on the guestlist to BoomBox?

House of Holland

It was not too long ago when we praised Henry Holland for his fluorescent slogan t-shirts in issue two. A lot has happened since then -- wait -- actually not much has happened at all, we are just incredibly bored with him.

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