Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Issue 14 - Got no time for the jibba jabba!

Going Up

"I'm not cool either"

Quote of the day courtesy of BFF Pari.

Sperry Top-Siders

The New York Times ape-shitted over these shoes recently and we're inclined to agree. Get the look of a preppy Hampton brat for less than what Valentino pays for his yacht's toilet paper.

The Mr. T Jibba Jabba Archive

"I ain't afraid of flying, and I ain't afraid of no monkeys either!" and other classic Mr. T sound clips just begging to be sampled from this website. Props to Michelle for the tip off.

Being late

Yeah, we started this blog in motherfucking 2007. And we didn't join Facebook until THREE months ago. And we just figured out how to use Photobucket. We've been busy socializing with real live humans and questioning bandwagons.

Google decision-making

Normally, I couldn't give a toss about The White Stripes, but I have new found respect for a band that makes decisions based on the results of a search engine. Recently, the White Stripes Googled "Toronto fun" and ended up played a surprise gig at the first place listed: a YMCA day camp for children.

Going Down

Consumer vertigo

Speaking of decision-making, choice is overrated. "Consumer vertigo" pertains to being overwhelmed by choice and subsequently upping one's stress factor when shopping (hello Topshop?) After reading an article in the UK Times, we're now working on being "satisficers". (Next week: how not to be influenced by everything we read.)

Damien Hirst's diamond skull

After a month-long exhibition, artist Damien Hirst's latest piece, For the Love of God (a human skull covered with 8,500 diamonds), still doesn't have any buyers. Could it be because it costs $100 MILLION?!? For fuck's sake just donate it back to the the slaves who mined that shit for you and go shove a Blood Diamond DVD up your arse.

Egg piracy

BFF Michelle sourced this one for us. Apparently the shady business venture du jour in China is concocting fake eggs made entirely from chemicals and selling them to unsuspecting real egg consumers. Click image to enlarge the full 10 step process on how to get in on the action.

What the fuck.

Flaky "friends"

"Let's hang out soon" = "I'm a fucking flake who's going to waste your time by pretending that I want to see you, but my sole purpose in life is to up my Facebook wall-post count and watch Gilmour Girls." Bitch.

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