Thursday, July 12, 2007

Issue 15 - Good job for you I wasn't born a killer

Going Up

Beautiful Noise - a film
YES! YES! YES! Finally, a documentary on shoegaze bands. Read all about it here. All we need is a My Bloody Valentine reunion now...

Ride shoegazing away.

Black + Brown
Fall/Winter '07 prep starts now. Missy's thinking black tights and brown shoes.

Mobile phone contract expiration
Em's freedom starts August 27th baby!
P.S. Don't get a Samsung phone - they suck and break.
The antithesis of, our new favourite website is all about independent labels.

From Refinery29's latest feature story. Note the tucked-in t-shirt and Wintour hair.

U18 bands
Maybe it's all the hormones in meat these days, but surprisingly decent child musicians are popping up everywhere. Baby geniuses have sure come a long way since Hanson. Recommended U18 bands: frYars (specifically the song "The Ides"), Cajun Dance Party, and Bombay Bicycle Club

frYars, presumably trying to sneak out past curfew.

Going Down

U18 gigs
Fuck, we're getting old.

Queasy Listening
The inexplicably popular-yet-naff music by the likes of Maroon 5, Snow Patrol, and Keane.

Linkin Park clothing line

Dear Fashion Genie, please please please grant us our wish of NO MORE celebrity/fashion collaborations for at least a year. In return, we vow never to make fun of girls who wear Mavi jeans again.

Feather dresses

Big Bird much?

source: Go Fug Yourself

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