Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Issue 18 - Lovers Who Uncover

Going Up

R. Kelly
Trapped in the Closet, chapters 13 to 22 airs on the IFC September 7. That's right, the mofo Independent Film Channel! Watch the recap of chapters 1-12 here:

Having a uniform

Let your uniform be your trademark. Karl has his ponytail and fan, Gauthier has his sailor stripes, and Suzy Menkes has her whole Samurai get up. There is no shame in wearing the same thing every day - it's kind of a refreshing Fuck You to ever-evolving high street trends.

The everyday costume

Even better if your uniform is a costume (fancy dress for you Brits). If you really want show those hipsters who's edgy and unique, nothing short of a full blown Superman cape is going to faze them.

Straight blunt cuts

Check out Jessica Stam's sharp hair. Layers are for wussies - just look at Jennifer Aniston /Rachel Green.

Peasant head wear

photo: style.com

Dead easy - tie a sweater around your head and voila, instant Vera Wang runway!

Going Down

Kanye West

photo: gofugyourself.com

Thanks for shitting all over Peter, Bjorn and John. As Troy Dyer would say "Your bravado is embarrassing".

"Ethnic" scarf

photo: teenvogue.com

The September '07 issue of Teen Vogue features a must-have fall checklist which includes an "ethnic" scarf (read the checklist here). The only thing ethnic about a $100 hounds tooth Hugo Boss scarf is that it was probably made in Bangladesh.

Nu Rave

photo: topshop.co.uk

As with old rave, nothing involving glowsticks and neon clothing lasts forever.

Ironic dressing

photo: thecobrasnake.com

The only difference between old and Nu Rave.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Issue 17a - appendix

Finally figured out how to embed youtube bits.
So check out the Crystal Castles song we talked about last week.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Issue 17 - Hammer Time

Going Up

Jodhpurs for F/W 2007

Balenciaga F/W 07, style.com

Michelle: "I think they are HOT. I want the Balenciaga ones."

Karen: "I will most likely find a way to shove my ass into a pair this Fall."

Glenis: "I saw some wicked Hammer pants in black on a waitress at Zipang on Friday. Not ridiculous but so so perfect."

Karen: "Morgan is eavesdropping on this email and said he saw a one of the girls at TNT today wearing a pair of black tulip pants and that they looked hot."

Missy: "We are selling a pair of tulip pants from Rittenhouse and they look hot on."

Pencil skirts

Topshop pencil skirt

The flattering shape balances out Fall's tricky jodhpurs. Perfect!

Lauren Cohan
Em's ex-flatmate just scored a major, recurring part on cult TV show Supernatural! We are so happy, especially because she'll be filming in Vancouver. One to watch, you heard it here first.

Crystal Castles' Crimewave
New 7" single - dare we say even better than Magic Spells???

Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Is Is EP
Down Boy is the latest single, and we're panting.

Canned beer

Two words: Park parties.

Going Down

Ballet flats

Even Payless Shoes are desperately trying to get rid of the AE ones with ridic BOGO sales.

"I'm pretty awesome"
Someone Em talked to recently actually said this. WTF.