Saturday, October 13, 2007

Issue 19 - Coal to Diamonds

Going Up

Em's big sis Viv has a new website! A former contributor to Manoush in France, she's now stirring shit up for London Fashion Week. P.S. She'd be going up even if we weren't related.

Dressing like twins

You and your friends all shop at the same stores anyway, and with H&M only squeezing out a few decent items each season you might was well stop fighting over who gets to wear the jodhpurs. Bonus, twin-dressing makes it easier to find each other after the mosh pit.

The Craft Economy
The Craft Economy got a lot of buzz in Toronto by stapling their self-released EP and gig poster to telephone poles in Kensington Market. They're so good that the gig sold out and people started stapling the EP to their ears. Listen to them here.

Granny carts

The new way to bring your records to the club...if you're still spinning vinyl you're probably the granny of DJs anyway, so just push it.

The shrunken leather jacket

The vintage hunting stops now. This season, every single high street store has one that even we can afford. This one is from Topshop.

Going Down

Em's flatmate hasn't used a mobile or landline in three weeks. Vogue editor Anna Wintour hasn't used a purse in decades. And Pete Doherty hasn't used shampoo...ever. Modern day necessities are merely scams devised by marketing tricksters - don't be fooled!