Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wintour vs. Roitfeld

Going Up

Being Right

Remember? MASKS.

Wire frames
"I was thinking of getting some wire frames cuz they're just so fucking ugly and if I see another pair of oversized plastics I might just poke my eyes out. Then I really wouldn't need glasses."


Having bronchitis ensures I don't drunkenly make out with the wrong guy at some party. Telling everyone I'm sick is kinda like having my personal chaperone. It comes in handy when those Facebook pics get posted.

Surrealist clothing
Think Rosalind Russell in George Cukor's 1938 film The Women. Where do you think Jeremy Scott got the idea to put eyeballs on sweaters?

Classical music recitals

BFF Anastasia had her very own classical piano recital a few weeks ago. Honestly, with all the nu rave electro shit STILL happening (c'mon, we live in Toronto) hearing music that can withstand centuries will be most refreshing. Go Beethoven!

Michelle Williams
If Boy Band of Outsiders approves, I do too. Thanks to BFF Millie for the tip.

Going Down

Vogue cover
I just realized that the reason September Vogue weighs 7lbs is to discourage people from carrying it around in public. If I had been responsible for giving Keira Knightly workout-gym hair AND wrapping her in a Greek flag, I wouldn't want anyone to see it either. See what Glossed Over has to say about the issue (PS I LOVE GLOSSED OVER.)

Egos + Disillusionment = Bad Combination
"I'm a perfect being in a perfect world" says Marc Jacobs on why he has the word "perfect" tattooed on his wrist.

(DJ Set)s
As in "The Rapture! (DJ Set)" and "Sally Shapiro! (DJ Set)" and "Justice! (DJ Set - oh shit that's actually how they perform live)". Do people actually pay money for this?


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